Mindful Eating to Better Health

Dietician Vicki Koenig was interviewed on Spectrum News about a disturbing dieting trend.

Dieting and Ozempic Dangers

Noorulain Khawaja Spectrum News reporter
Dieting and Ozempic Dangers on Spectrum News

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The latest TikTok trend of people taking a diabetes drug as a magic drug for weight loss is frustrating registered dietician Vicki Koenig.

Vicki Koenig on Spectrum News
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  • In commenting on the new TikTok fad to use a diabetic drug for weight loss Vicki says, “Once you achieve your goal, you stop the drug and your weight goes right back up, you haven’t achieved anything.”
  • Good protein and lots of veggies are a good way to better health
  • Diets don’t work to achieve a healthier lifestyle. “This is not good for our heart, or our systems and is not sustainable.”