Vicki Koenig, MS, RD, CDN

Weight Loss
A long-term plan!

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Are you looking to achieve
sustained Weight Loss?

The program that Vicki offers is geared toward a long-term plan with a successful objective. Her clients safely lose weight in a clinically proven program while improving their health. Would you choose Optimum Health if you could? When you become aware of and then change your behaviors, you can succeed! Vicki provides Health Coaching to support you through the process, inspiring and guiding you to health!

This program is not a diet,
it’s a better way to live.

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Diets don’t work!

As your health coach, Vicki will guide you through a program which has been successfully proven to jump start your journey toward a healthier lifestyle. She will inspire and teach you the Habits of Health to help keep you physically healthy, free of stress, and poised for a more fulfilling life.

Get the support you need to
achieve your Goals!

Vicki is there to support you along the way, helping you to believe in your potential to a lifelong transformation.

“…Vicki is very patient and understanding and is always in your corner rooting for you…”


Move your intentions into action!
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